ENGR 401/402: Interdisciplinary Design - AutoDrie Challenge

ENGR 401/402 is a two semester interdisciplinary engineering design course focused on applying the fundamentals of engineering design to building a level 4 automated vehicle. The course consists of lectures and in-class activities as well as a project. The project is focused on applying the knowledge and principals into a real-world design problem. The course not only requires skills in relevant areas of science and engineering, but also demands innovation, data synthesis and analysis, project management, and public interaction/outreach. The course consists of two lectures and a 3-hour studio per week covering various materials, including creative engineering design and project management.

CVEN 689: Traffic Flow Theory for Connected and Automated Vehicles

CVEN 689. Traffic Flow Theory for Connected and Automated Vehicles (3-0). Credit 3. This course will focus on the fundamentals of traffic flow theory and how they will change in the presence of connected and automated vehicles (CAVS). The course will cover the following materials: Operational mechanisms for CAVs; Macroscopic frameworks to model CAVs; Microscopic frameworks to model CAVs; Kinetic theory; Two fluid models and network-wide relations; simulation approaches.

CVEN 307: Introduction to Transportation Engineering

CVEN 307. Transportation Engineering. (3-0). Credit 3. Fundamental principles and methods in planning, design, and operation of transportation systems; driver and vehicle performance capabilities; highway geometric and pavement design principles; traffic analysis and transportation planning.